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Today we are joined by Leo, Konstantin, Johnny, and Ethan, students at Greene’s College Oxford, as we take a look at the 2005 film, V for Vendetta.

V for Vendetta, based on the DC comics series of the same name written by Alan Moore, is a 2006 dystopian political action film directed by James McTeigue (Mc-Teeg) in his directorial debut, with a screenplay written by the Wachowski sisters. The film is set in a futuristic, fascistic, totalitarian United Kingdom where a masked vigilante and anarchist, only going by the name of V, played by Hugo Weaving, attempts to ignite a revolution through elaborate terrorist acts. A young woman named Evey Hammond, played by Natalie Portman, is caught up in his plot after he saves her from a group of secret police known as the “Finger Men”. A police detective named Finch, played by Stephen Rea, attempts to unravel the mystery behind the vigilante but gets caught up in secrets that may threaten his own life in the process.


About the podcast:

In the Greene’s Screen Podcast, students at Greene’s College Oxford take a look at films and short films and tackle the questions that often go unanswered. Tune in every other Friday!

What did our students think?




“I did enjoy the film, I liked the acting, set-design, but, in some aspects, the film didn’t live up to my expectations – namely the dialogue, the nuance of the characters, and Natalie Portman’s British accent (which was quite distracting!). I have watched it a second time, so that goes to show something. “




“This is a well-made film, with many background details. The background sound and music were really good – I even put some of the tracks from the film on my playlist – which never happens. And the acting was great!”




“The film and its sound/music was stylistic and it was a well-directed and well-made film. I would watch it again and show it to my friends.”




“I think it’s quite a re-watchable film – and its individuality helps in that aspect – I don’t typically find films that are a part of a larger body of work, such as trilogies, rewatchable. I’d say it’s quite a good film overall.”

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