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Transforming the educational paradigms

At Greene’s College Oxford, we instil in our students the capacity for independent thinking and a life-long passion for learning throughout their sixth form studies, before they go to university. But rather than a radical re-imagining of education, Greene’s has relied on a time-tested pedagogy, rooted in the Socratic method, that we have been successfully applying for over 55 years. 

Dr Neil Dawson, History and Sociology Tutor at Greene's

Students need to be able to demonstrate subtlety of thought and bring different ideas and perspectives together to achieve high marks at A level. These skills are vital for advancing through higher education and they are increasingly prized on the job market. The tutorial method used at Greene’s is highly suited to developing these skills.

Greene’s Method of learning: The Tutorial Method

This style of learning is defined by small group or paired tuition, taught in the Socratic method, with an emphasis on independent study. It allows us to work with you as an individual and support you in cultivating your confidence, critical thinking, ability to work with others, effective oral and written communication and independent learning skills. These skills will prepare you for the transition from A levels to university life.

A tutorial session itself can take the shape of a debate on aspects of literature, collaborative microscopy work, an analysis of a mathematical problem, a discussion of philosophical thought—and many other forms. One of the core benefits of the tutorial method is that tutorials can be individualised to each student and are shaped by the lively exchange of ideas between a unique pairing of tutor and tutee. Assuming students come well-prepared, these sessions encourage students to discover—literally to un-cover—truths that are waiting to be revealed by their own unique intellect. There is no telling what the course or outcome of the discussion will be.

Student, 2020

The tutorial system and the tutors are so good. It was just such a positive experience. I really felt like my tutors and Greene’s had such a handle on my learning without me being overly directed.

Iskandar, 2020

I would totally recommend Greene’s. This type of learning is much better than traditional teaching. It focuses more on the student and the skills that they have rather than aiming at the average child in the class.

Student, 2020

I enjoyed being at Greene’s and felt well supported from day one. It’s a unique form of learning and it’s worked for me.

Student, 2020

Everything lived up to my expectations. I’ve learned a lot beyond my academic subjects. Greene’s gave me a different perspective and I enjoyed the independent learning and the opportunity to take advantage of Oxford tutors and university facilities. I really appreciated the chance to join the Oxford Union and I went to all the debates with two friends from Greene’s.

Student, 2020

You weren’t only learning for the exam. You could tell that the tutors were passionate and tutorials were engaging because of the depth of knowledge and enthusiasm of the tutors.

A Greene's student's mother, 2017

We are so grateful to you for the excellent support you have provided our daughter. She has flourished with the tutorial system and the freedom of learning that this enables. She has learnt to manage her time, to work independently, to read extensively around the subject and to be able to use her time wisely. This will be excellent preparation for Cambridge. It has been the most perfect sixth form experience and has been tailored to her needs. You have been flexible with our request for her to study 2 A levels at Greene’s and 2 A levels independently; and, by allowing her to sit all her examinations with you, this made her journey through the UCAS process much smoother. Thank you.

Mrs Lapwood, 2012

Up to now the course and tutors have been a great success. Thanks so much for matching him so well to the right people who have restored his enthusiasm for learning, and taken him faster, deeper and broader than he could have gone at school – they have all been just right for him. My sister is also an A level tutor (maths) in Surrey – she has been very impressed by your approach.

delivering results for over 55 years

Greene’s has a long history of academic excellence. Since 2020, 50% of all grades awarded to Greene’s students have been A* or A grades. As a non-selective college we expect our A level examination results to track the national average of the number and proportion of students achieving particular A level grades for the U.K. However, students who have taken tuition at Greene’s in the last academic year (2022-23) have gone on to achieve above the national average in A* and A grades – 45% of grades at Greene’s are A* or A grades.

In 2023, a full-time online student achieved the highest mark in the U.K. for the AQA AS level Geography examination series – whether you study online or face to face, learning at Greene’s sticks.

As a tutorial college, we fit into your timetable; you are not squeezed into ours.

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