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Your Personal Tutor is your academic mentor at Greene’s College Oxford. During your weekly meetings, they will help you negotiate the freedoms and responsibilities that come with learning independently.

You can expect support in all aspects of academic life:

  • Organising your timetable
  • Implementing your personalised programme of A level studies
  • Planing, monitoring and reviewing your studies – including progress towards the A level grades you are targeting
  • Arranging regular testing and trial A level exams
  • Liaising with your subject tutor and parents to ensure the awareness of the contents and implications of your online tutorial reports (available after every tutorial)
  • Co-ordinating your university applications and overseeing your examination entries and internal testing
  • Provide university admissions and career advice and guidance
  • Help you to develop independence, good study skills, confidence as a self-learner and self-esteem

You will have a great deal of contact with your Personal Tutor. They are always there as the first point of contact, for example, if you need to discuss any difficulties with your studies. Your concerns will be listened to carefully and seriously, and your welfare will be our priority.

Your Personal Tutor is a key person in your life at Greene’s who will provide the experience and knowledge to guide you through your transition between school and university.

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Meet Maryam Toorawa, Personal Tutor at Greene’s.

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