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Personal Tuition

Designed for the student taking supplementary tuition, with the Greene’s Academic Support Programme, you do not study alone.

You have your own Personal Tutor to support and encourage you; someone who understands the importance of navigating you through the difficulties of managing time, maintaining motivation and creating a practical study plan.

A successful course at Greene’s, whether supplementary or full-time, encompasses more than a set number of individual tutorials. Full-time students with Greene’s automatically benefit from the advantages of the programme, however if you come to us for supplementary tuition, additional support with school work, or simply help with an extra subject your school cannot provide, you may feel you need that essential co-ordination and guidance.

If so, our Academic Support Programme offers you a number of advantages only available to our full-time students, the most significant of which is the support and guidance of a Personal Tutor.

Your Personal Tutor is essential to the success of your Academic Support Programme, and works alongside you throughout the course, ensuring effective communication with your academic tutor, and helping you to develop the essential skills of an independent learner, and the confidence to achieve a greater level of success at university.

The Academic support programme is designed to guide, mentor and educate our students. Matthew Uffindell, a Senior Tutor at Greene’s explains more about the benefits of the Academic Support Programme.

Iskander Sergazin, Greene's student 2020

I would totally recommend Greene’s. This type of learning is much better than traditional teaching. It focuses more on the student and the skills that they have rather than aiming at the average child in the class.

Marianna Rosso, Greene's student 2020

Greene’s is very supportive. You take care of us, you are there for us and you take us by the hand every step of the way until university.

Theo Norman, Greene's student 2020

It has been fantastic. The education is very different from school. It’s a very independent experience and the tutors are brilliant.

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