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Transforming the educational paradigms

At Greene’s College Oxford, our academic pathways are designed to future-proof your education. Our modern, mature approach to teaching will prepare you for your future studies, a successful career, and beyond.

Rather than a radical reimagining of education, Greene’s has continued to rely on a time-tested approach, rooted in the Socratic method, for over 50 years. And it works. Our students frequently tell us they are miles ahead of their university counterparts because of the skills they have already achieved with us. 

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In his 2008 book, The Global Achievement Gap, educational expert Dr. Tony Wagner identified seven skills that students must develop in order to achieve a successful, sustainable career in the modern economy.

Over a decade later, Dr Wagner’s insights remain relevant on both sides of the Atlantic, where an outmoded teach-to-the-test pedagogy endures. While the internet has made facts instantly accessible, learning how to think critically and analyse information is more important than ever.

Rather than a radical reimagining of education, Greene’s has continued to rely on a time-tested approach, rooted in the Socratic method, for over 50 years. And it works. Our students frequently tell us they are miles ahead of their university counterparts because of the skills they have already achieved with us.

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the tutorial method of learning

Discover the tutorial method of learning, a time-tested pedagogy, rooted in the Socratic method, that we have been successfully applying for over 55 years.

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for Over 55 years, we have provided bespoke tuition from the heart of oxford.

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Learning without boundaries

Greene’s Online, our custom-built online platform, allows you to submit and manage your deadlines online. Here, you will also receive feedback and assessment results from your tutor so you can track your progress in real time.

Learning can take place in our campus in Oxford, UK, or online from anywhere in the world. You can also make use of our campuses in Estoril and Lisbon, Portugal as online study spaces.

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Your goals – our expertise

Each of our tutors has achieved academic excellence in their field and you can expect every tutorial to radiate this enthusiasm. Our tutors are skilled at conveying information in a meaningful manner and, with the help of our Personal Tutors, they inspire you to seek answers for yourself.

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Your goals ⁠— our expertise


M.A. (Oxon.), M. Sc. (Reading) – Chairman & Managing Partner

Christopher is a graduate of University College, Oxford. He gained an M.A. in Agriculture and Forest Sciences and an M.Sc. from Reading University in Agricultural Economics. His passion for education and the environment has taken him throughout the world, working extensively for the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on rainforest protection in the Congo basin, and he has recently worked as a consultant to a local company researching effective pollination alternatives to the honey bee. Christopher regularly teaches English, Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning skills to younger students, and advises on applications to British universities. He is also the Chairman of the College’s Board of Governors.


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M.Math (Oxon) – Managing Partner

Alex read for a Masters in Mathematics at Magdalen College, the University of Oxford (where he was a scholar) before going on to undertake research in Mathematical Physics, specialising, in particular, in the geometry of space-times that locally resemble doughnuts (known mathematically as *tori*). He has taught and tutored extensively at sixth form, undergraduate and Masters level. A passionate believer in the unique advantages of the Oxford tutorial method, he still tutors for the College whenever his schedule permits.


Alex’s educational research interests lie in the effective use of new and emerging technologies to support and enhance the learning process and he directs the development of Greene’s cutting edge, cloud-based student online learning resource, Greene’s Online. In his spare time Alex enjoys croquet, British polyphonic music of the early renaissance and hiking in the Alps.


M.A. (Oxon), M.Phil (Oxon)  – Academic Director

Grant is the Academic Director of the College and is based at 45 Pembroke Street. He is a graduate of Magdalen College, the University of Oxford, where he studied Philosophy and Modern Languages (French). Grant’s academic interests are varied, but he specialises in the literature and thought of the early modern and modern periods, with especial focus on the development in French literary form (cultivated, in part, over his time at l’Université de Paris-Sorbonne). As a linguist he naturally has a strong interest in translation theory, linguistics and stylistics in a formal academic setting. An accomplished philosopher, Grant took his M.Phil. also from the University of Oxford specialising in pre- and post-structuralist French literary theory and criticism, during the 19th and 20th centuries.


B.A. (Exon), M. St. (Oxon) – College Principal

Carmen is the College Principal and is based in 45 Pembroke Street. Carmen has overall responsibility for College’s students. Having read Modern Languages at Exeter University (which included a year at Bologna University’s Specialised School for Interpreters and Translators), Carmen graduated with an M.A. in Mediaeval and Modern Languages from Brasenose College, Oxford. She also acquired a CELTA qualification in 2009. Prior to joining Greene’s, Carmen was the Head of Studies at the Institut Auf Dem Rosenberg in Switzerland.


Ph.D. (Hertfordshire), B.A. Hons (Oxford Brookes) – Director of Marketing and Acting Principal 

Katja is the Marketing Manager of Greene’s College Oxford and is based at 45 Pembroke Street. Katja has worked and studied at the intersection of marketing communication, culture, philosophy and philosophy of education. Using media creatively, has not only been part of her professional work in Marketing and Online Marketing, but Katja’s B.A. (Hons) in Communication, Media, Culture & Philosophy, but also served as a main inspiration for her PhD thesis on social actions online (Title: Click – social actions in the 21st century) which was funded by Microsoft Research, Cambridge. Katja is interested in the philosophical implications of the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and publishes on the subject to date.


Ph.D. (Oxford Brookes) LL.M. (Oxford Brookes) M.A. (Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński) – Head of Centre and Director of Partnerships

Agnieszka is the College’s Director of Partnerships. Following her MA studies in Political Science and LLM in International Law she completed her PhD at Oxford Brookes University where she also worked as a lecturer. Her thesis, “Changes in International Law in response to terrorist attacks. A comparative study of Israeli and the U.S. state practice” was a combined study of International Law and International Relations. It was a culmination of her long interests in Middle East politics and international conflict and its aim was to contribute to the understanding of nature, status and determinants of international law in the aftermath of 9/11. She is a very experienced tutor, who taught Politics, International Relations and Law.


M.A. (Oxon.) – Senior Tutor

Becky Simpson is the College’s Senior Tutor. Hugely experienced working within a close college community both on the pastoral side and in a number of varied and effective teaching and leadership roles, Becky brings to Greene’s the valued knowledge of an educator skilled in a broad range of effective teaching methodologies. Becky received an M.A. from the University of Oxford (Lady Margaret Hall) in English Language and Literature. Having left university, Becky was appointed as English teacher at Bryanston School, Dorset, and as a Personal Tutor, responsible for the welfare of a number of pupils at the school. She later became a Housemistress at the school, overseeing the welfare of 60-70 girls in a boarding house with careful monitoring of their social, academic and emotional wellbeing.


B.Sc. (Oxford Brookes) – Senior Mathematician

Lamine is a full-time tutor in Mathematics at Greene’s. He teaches students for a very wide range of levels and qualifications at our study centre 97a, St. Aldate’s Street. Having studied and worked in many different countries, Lamine has a wide international education and experience. He holds a BSc qualification in Computer Science from Oxford Brookes and has been teaching Mathematics in the UK and at a range of levels for over 15 years. His particular area of interest is Decision Mathematics and logical mathematical frameworks. Lamine is a strong believer in a well structured academic programme for each of his students and takes a very careful, caring and systematic approach. He likes a “hands-on” approach to learning Mathematics and this is reflected in his tutoring at Greene’s. Lamine has been a Mathematics tutor at Greene’s since 2016 and also runs Mathematics workshops and revision classes to help students at Greene’s consolidate their learning through practice.


T.E. Diploma in Accounting and Finance (Swidnica) – Bursar

Ilona is responsible for the day-to-day management of student accounts and has overall supervision of students who are taking supplementary tuition. She is also trained in first-aid and responsible for the health and safety provision at 45, Pembroke Street, where she works. Ilona holds a diploma and the professional title of Economist from the Wincenty Stys Economic School in Swidnica, Poland where she studied for four years and specialised in Finance and Accounting. She has worked as an accountant in Oxford since 2004 and has been the Bursar at Greene’s since 2008.


CChem PhD MChem (Hons Oxon) – Academic Manager (Science)

Rowena read her Master’s degree in Chemistry at Somerville College, the University of Oxford, specialising in air sensitive superconducting materials. She obtained a First Class honours degree and a Distinction in additional History and Philosophy of Science. She undertook her doctoral studies at the University of Birmingham, and was awarded her PhD for research into environmental materials. An analytical chemist, she is one of a small number of specialists in Mössbauer spectroscopy. Since 2014, Rowena has worked as a research fellow into nuclear waste disposal at the University of Birmingham, Department of Metallurgy and Materials, a teaching fellow in Environmental Science at the University of Reading, and an engagement and evaluation expert at the University of Oxford. Rowena is the Chair of the Environmental Chemistry Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry, executive editor of their biannual Bulletin, and outreach lead. She has been teaching maths and science since 2007, and has worked at Greene’s since 2015.


B.A. (Gloucestershire) – Marketing Assistant

Zakkaria is the Marketing Assistant at Greene’s College Oxford. After graduating in 2019 with a first-class honours degree in English Literature, he joined Hachette UK, the second-largest British publishing group, as an Editorial Assistant, where he worked on a number of books, including wagamama your way, In Minutes, and London in the Wild. During 2020, he gathered over 4,000 followers on TikTok and received over 245,000 likes, having posted twice-daily for a year. In his spare time, he enjoys meditating, cooking, and exercising.

Maria Merinova

B.A. (Moscow State Pedagogical University) – Academic Administrator

Maria is the College’s Academic Administrator and is based in reception at 95 St Aldate’s Street. She organises supplementary tuition, leads the Student Committee meetings and runs events and activities for the students. Maria studied Russian language and Literature at Moscow State Pedagogical university and also acquired a CELTA qualification in 2022. In her spare time, she enjoys singing, photography, and chocolate making.

Scarlett kiaras-attari

MSt (Oxon) MA (Edinburgh)

Scarlett is the Marketing Executive for Greene’s College Oxford. Originally from Kentucky, USA, Scarlett read History and Politics at the University of Edinburgh before studying for her Master’s in Medieval History at the University of Oxford (Oriel College).


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