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What we offer

Design your education

Flexibility is the key to how we help: tutorials are arranged at your convenience, with tutors who understand academic success and how to impart the best strategy to support your aims.

We generally only need five to ten working days to set up a course of tuition depending on tutor availability.

Students come to us for many reasons, so you may be reading this because you are interested in one of the following:

Supplementary tuition whenever you need it throughout the year.

Short course tuition for intensive revision or learning during school holidays and half-terms or for a university aptitude test.

University preparation we help you to apply to university in many different countries.

Academic Support Programme: extra tuition that is guided by your personal academic mentor

Study Online

Whatever Greene’s programme of tuition you choose, online tuition is always an option.

Some of our students live just down the road, and some are on the other side of the world, so location really is no obstacle. Our courses can provide students with revision or supplementary tutoring, intensive preparation for tests and examinations, university application advice and preparation and even full academic courses as an alternative to school, wherever you are in the world. We call this learning without boundaries.

Our tutors

Individual tuition allows for a completely personal and flexible course to concentrate on your particular requirements; online & face-to-face.

Our tutors are selected to suit your particular requirements and style of learning.

They emphasise and encourage your active engagement with the material – allowing you to apply knowledge because you understand it, not simply because you have had to remember it.

Our Tutors
English Language student and tutor in conversation

Tuition arranged for you

We arrange tuition for you, fast and flexible. Read about our prices and fill your application now.

Tuition: application and fees

A Greene's Student

This just to let you know that Axel scored a 7 of 7 in his Maths exam, which, given his 2 of 7 start, is a powerful testament to the skill of his tutor (in addition to Axel’s abilities to learn of course). Greene’s came highly recommended by friends of ours and exceeded even our most optimistic expectations. From the bottom tier to best possible grade in Maths in two months is simply outstanding work by the tutor.

Kelsey, Greene's student 2013

Your help was simply fantastic, and I couldn’t have asked for a better tutor in Matthew. In fact, I have referred Greene’s to a British friend of mine as well as my school for any prospective UK – especially Oxbridge applicants.

Jonathan, Greene's student 2012

Straightaway I felt part of it [Greene’s] … Greene’s has so many tutors it can call upon, you can always be matched with a tutor that fits you well … You always felt you were working for a reason … you always felt you were working for fun … you were working out of a genuine interest for the subject. I think that is the greatest gift an educational establishment can give you.

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