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  1. Introduction
  2. Personal Tutors
  3. What is it like to study at Greene’s?
  4. The Student Committee
  5. Where will I stay in Oxford?

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At Greene’s College Oxford, we deliver individualised education with the complete support of a sixth form college.

Study at our sixth form college in Oxford blends small group or individual tutorials taught based on the principles of the tutorial method. Students first study topics independently, by reading, problem solving, and completing assignments. The subsequent tutorials provide an opportunity for students to explain, develop and refine their learning, through Socratic-style dialogues with an expert tutor, and serves to further solidify students’ understanding.

Mariana, Greene's alumna

Greene’s is very supportive. You take care of us, you are there for us and you take us by the hand every step of the way until university.

Our expert Tutors

A level tutorials consist of 45-minute sessions, with 1-3 students per tutor for maximum care & attention. Using the tutorial method, tutors ask penetrating questions in order to draw out knowledge from students, and enable the students themselves to recognise connections and become fully aware of the potentially large pool of knowledge they have acquired. Outside of tutorials, students must complete independent prep work set by the tutor. This effort forms the basis of discussion surrounding the topic in a tutorial.

Meet some of our tutors

Personal Tutors

Our highly trained Personal Tutors ensure students feel comfortable and fulfilled during their time with us at our sixth form college in Oxford. Weekly meetings offer an opportunity for any issues to be addressed and resolved, so students can focus on enjoying their time with us and working towards their academic and personal goals.

What does a Personal Tutor do?


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Programmes at Greene’s sixth form college in Oxford are as individual as you are. Whether you choose to undertake individual or small group tutorials, we invite you to lead the discussion. You can enrol at any time, take any A level programme, and progress at your own pace.

Your Personal Tutor works closely with you to manage your progress and keep you on target to achieve academic success. Weekly sessions provide a time to reflect on your learning, raise any concerns, and check in on your personal and academic development.

Leadership Programme

As well as your sessions with your Personal Tutor, our Leadership Programme invites you to reflect on your academic journey alongside your peers. Sharing your experiences, questions, and challenges as a group invites discussion, critical thinking, and develops your creative problem solving skills so you can overcome obstacles, as an individual and as part of a team, now and in the future.

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The Student Committee

Our individualised approach also extends to student life – we celebrate individuality, diverse voices, and different opinions. You will be invited to regular events scheduled by the sixth form college to meet your peers, share your experiences, connect, and have fun. Our Christmas Ball in Oxford is a favourite, as well as our Summer Party, and regular pizza nights.

If you would like to be more involved, the student committee is the perfect place for you to have your say and meet other like minded individuals. We will make sure your voice is always heard.

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At Greene’s, we don’t have segregated student accommodation. Instead, we connect you with host-families in Oxford who provide you with a safe, homely environment from which you can study and explore the city, while having your meals and laundry catered for. Our students find this helps them integrate with their new surroundings and feel comfortable to settle into their studies.

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