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Revision (n.)


‘The act of looking over again, re-examination, and correction.’ From Latin revidēre ‘to see again’.

revise your Revision

At Greene’s College Oxford, our tutors understand the need to ‘see again’ – and they know what it takes to succeed. We actively involve you in the process of learning, so recollection is not a painful process of remembering, but rather understanding how to apply your knowledge. That’s our speciality.

One of the most effective ways to prepare for an examination is to revise the material and test yourself. During the revision course, you will master your examination technique, revising with a carefully selected tutor and independent work.

Clive Griffiths, Parent of Greene's Revision Student

Our most sincere thanks for the excellent tuition and support extended to Alex when he visited you in May. I am very pleased to say, that for the second time you helped Alex achieve his objective, raising his maths score from 30% to around 70% .


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What is included?

  • Individual or small group tuition online allows for a completely personal and flexible course to concentrate on your particular requirements.
  • Our tutors are selected to suit your particular requirements and style of learning.
  • Our tutors emphasise and encourage your active engagement with the material – allowing you to apply knowledge because you understand it, not simply because you have had to remember it.


5 - 19 hours£ 85 per hour
20 hours and over5% discount

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