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online access to Greene’s Online

As a student at Greene’s you have online access to Greene’s Online, a student online resource, allowing you to see the status and progress of your studies anywhere and at anytime.

Greene’s Online provides you with the following information:

  • Tutorial reports: You can read a report on every tutorial you have taken. These tutorial reports, or slips, are a record of the time, duration, grades and academic content for each of your tutorials. These reports, which are generally available 48 hours after the tutorial, provide considerable information and allow you to see your progress in each subject. They also include details of the homework that is expected for the following tutorial.
  • Statistics: You can see your level of attendance and punctuality as well as measure your level of independent study using our Index of Independence (IOI).
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  • Examination entries: You can check the details on all exams you are entered to take at Greene’s and view your examination timetable which can also be downloaded as a document.
  • Examination results: The results of all examinations you have taken at Greene’s together with uploaded copies of your certificates are always available for you to consult and print out as you need them.


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  • Tuition balance: You can check how many hours of tuition that are left on your account. You can then top-up your tuition hours when the available balance is low – generally when there are two or three hours remaining per subject.
  • Tuition timetable: Most people manage their own timetables of tuition directly with their tutors and you can check what has been agreed.
  • Reports: If you are a full-time student you will also have access to longer reports in November and April that will give you a more general overview of your progress and predicted grades in forthcoming examinations.
  • Contact details: You have a place where you can see the contact details of your tutors.


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