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A level retakes

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We believe that students who choose to retake their A level examinations demonstrate great determination and commitment towards their academic studies. A level retakes provide an opportunity for students to develop and strengthen their understanding of their chosen A level programme to achieve improved results.

At Greene’s, your A level retake programme is designed to fit your specific needs. Our tutors can help consolidate your knowledge to prepare you for your examinations.

It works: over 92% of A level retakes taken at Greene’s improve by two or more grades.

Most importantly, Greene’s students who choose to retake their A levels gain a level of academic depth that they did not think previously possible and gain the additional skills required to succeed at university and in their career.

Our fees page shows proposed fees for an A level retake course, but please contact us for a personalised quotation.

Together we will find your path to academic success.

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retake a levels at greene’s

At Greene’s, your A level retake programme is tailored to your academic goals. Tuition is delivered in individual or small-group sessions, depending on your A level retake programme and academic objectives.

Our tutors radiates enthusiasm for their field of academic expertise. They understand the importance of conveying complex information in a meaningful way and they invite you to nurture your curiosity for your chosen A level retake programme. This helps you shape your learning experience and prepare for your A level retake examinations.

While retaking your A levels, your Personal Tutor guides you through your university application re-submission step-by-step. Your Personal Tutor advises you on the most suitable courses and universities available to you and helps you construct a compelling application to secure your place.

At Greene’s, we turn those sour results into lemonade. Apply here or contact us.

Our students

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Listen to Lucia’s fascinating story and why Greene’s was the perfect place for completing her studies.


Every A level retake programme is different – the timeframe and the number of subjects varies from person to person.

Sixth Form Fees


– Initial academic assessments and study plans;
– Three individual tutorials per week over three subjects; (You can arrange for more if required);
– Subject-related seminars and workshops (where appropriate);
– Personal Tutor support and guidance, including a formal weekly meeting;
– Leadership programme;
– Trial examinations four times per year;
– University application advice and careers guidance;
– Use of the Greene’s reading room for study and the student common room; and
Greene’s Online for your timetable and feedback on your progress, accessible to students and parents.


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redoing a levels online

Are you redoing A levels whilst at university? Are you travelling? Are you having to juggle study with work, or training to be an elite athlete? Do you need flexible tuition arrangements?

Our A level retake programmes can be taken completely or partially online. Our tutors are experts at delivering education online and in person, and with the help of our state-of-the-art digital platform, Greene’s Online, students have the tools to rise to the challenge wherever they are in the world.

Speak with our team to find out how we could help you accomplish your goals.

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