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  1. Your Personal Tutor
  2. The Leadership Programme
  3. Trial examinations
  4. Accommodation
  5. Scholarships

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Academic support includes:

A Personal Tutor

Your Personal Tutor is your academic mentor at Greene’s College Oxford. During your weekly meetings, they will help you negotiate the freedoms and responsibilities that come with learning independently.

You can expect support in all aspects of academic life:

  • Implementing your personalised programme of A level studies;
  • Planning, monitoring and reviewing the progress of your studies;
  • Liaising with your subject tutor and guardian to ensure awareness of your online tutorial reports (available after every tutorial);
  • Co-ordinating your university applications and overseeing your examination entries and internal testing;
  • Helping you to develop independence, good study skills, confidence as a self-learner and self-esteem;

The Leadership Programme

The Leadership programme helps you develop the skills you need for successful personal, academic and career development.

Learn to:

  • Plan, generate enthusiasm and confidence about your studies – including your prospective A level grades
  • Understand and develop your personality
  • Collaborate effectively with colleagues
  • Encourage you to become a reflective, critical and creative learner
  • Become independent in managing your own learning
  • Adapt under changing circumstances
  • Develop your leadership skills through initiative, responsibility and influence
  • Develop and inform your career options and direction

Trial examinations

A Greene’s trial examination is an opportunity to replicate as closely as possible the conditions with which you will be faced in the real exam. The sooner you begin to prepare, the better. All of our full-time sixth form students undertake trial examinations throughout the academic year to become acquainted with the examinations process and better prepared for their final examinations.

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Although Greene’s does not directly provide accommodation we do have ideas and are able to suggest suitable accommodation for you to view and select as you wish. Many students who require accommodation prefer to take a room in a private home in Oxford, through a host-family or a landlady.

Whatever your needs, our aim is to help you find the type of accommodation that meets your needs and allows you to study effectively.

Accommodation Options


Greene’s offers a limited number of general academic scholarships for A level study.

What scholarships are available to me?

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