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A Levels

At Greene’s College Oxford, we give students the support and guidance they need to take control of their education. We enable students to identify their academic objectives and, with the support of our academic mentors and Personal Tutors, we empower students to take clear steps to achieve them. This means enrolling in the A level courses that support their objectives, and none of the classes that do not.

Students are encouraged to think analytically and creatively about their A level courses through the close and careful questioning of their tutors. This Socratic method emphasises independent study to foster self-confidence and accountability. Our students find this invaluable when preparing for university and their future careers.

A levels at Greene’s are taught in small groups, and can be delivered face-to-face or online. There is no set calendar, so students can enrol in their chosen course, anytime.

Each student is allocated a Personal Tutor who acts as their academic mentor throughout the programme. This collaborative approach, connecting students, academic tutors, and Personal Tutors, ensures students have the support they require to achieve their desired results.


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Are you exploring alternative options for your A level examinations? Are you seeking individualised support and a personalised academic pathway, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach? Do you have commitments that make the traditional school environment problematic?

At Greene’s, our A level courses are as individual as you are. Our team of experts work with you to identify your academic objectives, whether this be further study, career ambitions, or simply securing your best results. We help you design your individual educational journey by selecting the most suitable A level courses and provide specialist, personalised guidance along the way, so you can focus on achieving your best.

Education is no longer one-size-fits-all. At Greene’s, you can enrol in any combination of courses, taken over any period, from anywhere in the world. You have the power to design your education and transform your future.

Fill in this short questionnaire to find out which A level course is right for you. Our team will be in contact shortly to discuss your study arrangements in more detail with you.

Lucia, Greene's alumna, 2022

Greene’s helped me achieve academic success, get the results to enrol in the best school of Economics and Business in Portugal, and helped guide me academically through a difficult period of my life.


Lucia's story


With over 190 subject-expert tutors ready to help, Greene’s offers a wide curriculum, individualised to each student’s academic interests. Typically, Greene’s A level students study three subjects of their choice: From popular subjects like Mathematics, English, and Sciences to niche subjects like History of Art, Music, and Japanese – nearly anything is possible. Enquire today and learn more about our subject availability.

Are you considering applying to university?

At Greene’s, your Personal Tutor guides you through your university application submission step-by-step as you study for your A Levels. Your academic tutors work work together to advise you on the most suitable courses and universities available to you, and help you construct a compelling application to secure your place.

Applying to universities with Greene’s



Fill in this short questionnaire to find out which A level course is right for you. Our team will be in contact shortly to discuss your study arrangements in more detail with you.

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Are you thinking of retaking a levels?

At Greene’s, A level retake courses are designed to fit your specific requirements so you can focus on what is necessary to rise to the challenge. Tuition is individual or in groups of no more than three people to ensure you get the support you need to achieve your full potential.

At Greene’s, we help you rise to the challenge.

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In addition to a full-time education package, Greene’s supports you in developing your English language skills for successful academic study and to achieve the IELTS certification level required by your prospective university, employer, or immigration office. Our EFL and IELTS courses are taught in the exact same trusted and successful tutorial method used in all our other courses.

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