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Today we are joined by Leo, Ethan, and Konstantin students and staff at Greene’s College Oxford, as we take a look at the 2018 film Liz to Aoi Tori.

Liz and the Blue Bird is a Japanese animated drama about two schoolgirls named “Mizore” and “Nozomi” as they prepare for a concert in their school’s wind band. Their relationship is tested and strained as the pair get ready to leave for university. Nozomi gives Mizore a fairy tale book about a young woman named Liz and a blue bird who become friends when Liz discovers them outside her house. Unfortunately, they are forced to part ways so that the blue bird is able to fly free. They realise this story parallels their own relationship but wonder if they are doomed to the same fate.

About the podcast:

In the Greene’s Screen Podcast, students at Greene’s College Oxford take a look at films and short films and tackle the questions that often go unanswered. Tune in every other Friday!

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