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What are ISI reports?

The ISI (Independent Schools’ Inspectorate) is an approved Educational Oversight body authorised by the Home Office to inspect privately funded education colleges. An ISI report provides objective and reliable reports on the quality of colleges, and by placing reports in the public domain, makes this information available to students, Government, and the wider community.

Greene’s ranked “exceeds expectations”

Acting Principal Katja Behrens confirms that the inspection, conducted in October 2023, found that the college’s performance was ranked as “exceeds expectations”, with inspectors maintaining that the college continues to display excellence in all assessed categories. This continues the ranking achieved in 2021.


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Acting Principal Katja Behrens spoke on the report: “I am delighted to confirm that the recent inspection found that the college maintained its level of excellence. I wish to extend my gratitude to all staff, tutors, and students for this outstanding result.”

Deputy Principal Jane Hajny added: “This [highest] level achieved is a result of the efforts of our entire college body, from tutors to students to staff.”

What did the report find?

The report assessed four primary areas:

    1. The quality of the curriculum, teaching, and learners’ achievements
    2. Students’ welfare, including health and safety
    3. The effectiveness of governance, leadership, and management
    4. The resolution of the last report’s action and recommendation points

In each area, Greene’s exceeded expectations (i.e. achieved the highest grading possible).

Independent Schools' Inspectorate, October 2023

The quality of the curriculum, teaching and learners’ achievements is excellent.

Independent Schools' Inspectorate, October 2023

Students are well educated in a highly supportive environment and in accordance with their aims.

Independent Schools' Inspectorate, October 2023

Pastoral support and guidance for the students is excellent and in accordance with the colleges aims.

Independent Schools' Inspectorate, October 2023

Effective oversight is combined with good levels of financial support so that the high quality of education and welfare, health and safety of students are maintained.

Independent Schools' Inspectorate, October 2023

Students report that they feel safe and very well supported.

Independent Schools' Inspectorate, October 2023

A comprehensive series of tests and interviews ensures that students are accurately placed on a programme of study in accordance with their academic abilities and future higher education needs.

Independent Schools' Inspectorate, October 2023

Teachers are enthusiastic and have excellent subject knowledge and rapport with their students.

About Greene’s

Greene’s College Oxford is an independent sixth form college with campuses located in the heart of Oxford, U.K. and in Lisbon & Estoril, Portugal. Our educational philosophy is based on one simple assumption: if students’ education is tailored to suit their unique qualities and needs, they are more likely to be successful. Study at Greene’s College Oxford blends small group or individual tutorials, dynamic feedback on learning, and one-to-one weekly Personal Tutoring sessions to ensure all students have personalised guidance.


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