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1. Should I move my child’s school?

This answer to this question is delicate, multifaceted, and often there is no one-size-fits-all solution. This is often due to the context in which the question is posed (and perhaps even to whom the question is being asked). Generally, it’s key to keep a wide perspective. Consider factors like academic performance, social integration, and overall well-being. Assess if the current school meets your child’s needs and if a change could offer better opportunities. Communicate with your child to understand their feelings. Ultimately, if you decide to transfer schools, choose one that aligns with your child’s educational and personal development.


2. How do I write a withdrawal letter to a school?

It is best to communicate in the continued style of correspondence that you have used i.e. either e-mail or by letter. Compose a concise withdrawal letter to the school, including your child’s name, grade, and the effective withdrawal date. Express gratitude for the educational experience and mention reasons for the decision. Provide contact details for any follow-up communication and request information on the necessary steps for withdrawal, such as returning materials or settling outstanding fees. It is key to maintain a sense of respect and grace when leaving, especially as the new school that your child will attend will likely need to contact their previous school for an academic reference, or your child might want to return in the future.

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3. What reasons to give for changing school?

Possible reasons for changing schools include relocation, seeking better academic opportunities, dissatisfaction with the current school’s teaching approach, bullying concerns, or a desire for a more supportive or specialised learning environment. Choose reasons that genuinely reflect your child’s needs and well-being.

4. How do you transfer a child from one school to another?

To transfer a child in the UK, notify the current school in writing, stating your intention and providing necessary details. Contact the new school for admission procedures and complete required forms. Coordinate with both schools to facilitate a smooth transition, ensuring the transfer aligns with the new school’s academic calendar. We recommend reading this webpage by the U.K. government for official guidance.

5. Do you need both parents permission to move schools?

Generally, both parents’ consent is preferred for school changes in the UK, but exceptions exist. If a child has an additional guardian, their input is valuable. If legal responsibilities are shared, consensus is ideal. Consult legal advice if disagreements arise, prioritizing the child’s well-being and educational needs.

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