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1. What aspects of personal growth are obtained from Personal Tutoring for both student and tutor?

“Personal tutorials serve as a time of reflection and self-assessment for students in regards to both their studies and personal lives. It is a designated space to check in with their personal tutor about how tutorials are going and how the student is progressing in their individual preparation. Within this discussion, tutors often share about their own successes and struggles as related to study skills, such as time management and self-discipline. The aim is to help students refine their own skills, although I would say that such reflection and self-assessment can be beneficial for tutors, as well.”

Noah, Greene's College Oxford Alumnus

It’s nice to know that someone’s always on your case. You really don’t get that in a school. The Personal Tutor is a particularly recommended aspect of Greene’s. It’s nice to have someone that you can have a nice chat with and talk about anything that’s on your mind.

2. What do you enjoy about Personal Tutoring?

“It is rewarding to walk alongside students in their educational journey and help them see both their strengths and areas where they might improve, as well as give them practical tips to augment their study skills. It is great to see students progress and learn how to strike a balance between studies and leisure activities. Many of my personal tutorial students are globally mobile, like me, and have the additional obstacle of adjusting to a new language and/or culture in order to do well in their studies. I enjoy being able to use my experiences of living in various countries to lend an empathetic ear and provide some of that extra support.”

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3. Why is it important for students to have one-to-one mentorship sessions alongside their core studies?

“Since our tutorial method at Greene’s requires small classes and rather intense individual preparation, it is beneficial for students to have a regular time to connect with a staff member and feel further connected to the school as a whole. As the tutorial method is often quite different to the educational systems that students have experienced prior to coming to Greene’s, it is also useful to have someone who can help them stay on track with their individual preparation while they are adjusting to the new school environment.”

About Katie


Katie has always had a great interest in languages and cultures, leading her to pursue teaching languages as a career. She received an M.A. in Cross-linguistics from Indiana State University, during which time she additionally completed a graduate certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language. During her graduate studies, Katie was honoured as the Outstanding First-Year Graduate Student in the Language Department. As a Personal Tutor at Greene’s College Oxford, Katie offers advice on university applications and careers, whilst helping students to manage the independence that comes with their studies.


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