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Revision plays an essential role in achieving top grades at A level, but it can be challenging to know where to start, and how not to lose interest half-way through. The tutorial method can help provide a distinct and continuous focus to your studies, so you can ‘fill in the gaps’ in your knowledge and find the confidence to engage with your A level examinations.

What is the tutorial method?

In contrast to the traditional classroom experience, the tutorial method involves a tutor working closely with a single student (or, in rare cases, a small group of students). At Greene’s, all of our tutors are experts in their fields of study. From Mathematics to Mandarin or Video Game Art, there’s a tutor who is just right for your interests and learning pace.

Effective revision is not about the pure memorisation of facts and figures. Entering the examination room with that level of academic backing is a recipe for disaster; your success is based on a coin-toss! However, through learning how to think critically, improving your understanding of complex topics through discussion with an expert, and finding the right motivation, you will be able to tackle your A level examinations with absolute confidence.

The Benefits of the tutorial method for your A LEVEL revision

1. Improved understanding of complex topics

Outside of Greene’s, you may find that A level courses are often trundled through at such a brisk pace that students are often left confused, afraid to ask questions, or, in the worst case, unaware of certain key elements in their studies. One of the many benefits of the tutorial method is that it facilitates a greater exploration of complex topics. You will have a subject specialist in your corner, battling for you, patient and receptive. You will have the time and attention to dig deeper and truly understand the topics that you need help with, to ensure that you are well-prepared and confident come exam time.

For instance, a tutorial session on a difficult topic like organic chemistry can allow a student to dive deep into the subject matter, exploring the intricacies of chemical reactions and molecular structures, with their tutor. Not only would this prepare you for your A levels but also for further study at a degree level. This level of exploration is often not possible in a traditional classroom setting, where time constraints and the need to cover a broad range of topics can limit in-depth analysis.

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2. Increased motivation and engagement

When revising for your A levels, it easy to get side-tracked by something creative like drawing or writing or perhaps even indulging in a few TikTok or YouTube videos (we have all been there). Procrastination is not conducive to effective revision – even if you tell yourself that these things are somewhat educational – and likely comes about by the feeling of being overwhelmed, not knowing where to start with your studies, or getting stuck on a problem and not knowing how or where to find help.

Our friendly tutors are the ultimate pillars of support. By learning what you enjoy about your subject (and what you don’t!), they can create a supportive and stimulating learning environment. Your tutors can also boost your motivation and engagement by helping you to maintain a consistent revision routine, prevent burnout, and ensure that you stay on track to achieve your academic goals.

March Boedhiardjo, Greene's alumnus, Postdoctoral Fellow at ETH Zurich, and former Mathematics prodigy

My passion for Spanish came from the tutor. From what I remember, Illari was very nice, she was very friendly and prepared a lot of notes for me on Spanish vocabulary and grammar – I think she was also very patient. When I studied my undergraduate degree, I also took some Spanish classes – there were around twenty other students in the class. In hindsight, I really notice the difference as, at Greene’s, it was one-to-one tuition and customised to my pace.

3. Enhanced critical thinking

One thought that every student has had about their studies during their A level revision is: “Will this help me in the future?” The tutorial method is guaranteed to help you not only in the future, but also in the present. The interactive nature of tutorials encourages active engagement with the material, fostering the development of critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. These higher-order cognitive skills are essential for success in A level exams and at university level.

During a tutorial session, students are encouraged to ask questions, challenge assumptions, and engage in discussions with their tutor and peers. This type of interactive learning can help students develop the skills they need to analyse complex problems, evaluate evidence, and formulate effective solutions.

In Conclusion: The tutorial method just works.

Greene’s has provided full-time education at our Oxford sixth form college for over 55 years. During that time, we have helped over 10,000 students to achieve places at the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge. Over the last three years, 70% of Greene’s students have been admitted into G5 and Russell Group universities and 60% of all grades awarded to Greene’s students have been A* or A grades. It just works.

Our personalised Revision Course allows students, who are registered to other schools or colleges, the opportunity to undertake supplementary tuition either online or face-to-face at one of our campi in Oxford, England or Estoril, Portugal. If you are interested in taking supplementary tuition at Greene’s, you can contact us here.

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