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At Greene’s, your education is designed to be completely bespoke. We understand that every student is different and will need varying levels of support throughout the academic year in order to study effectively. That is why every full-time student in our sixth form college is assigned a Personal Tutor, who will help to navigate academic life throughout their time at Greene’s. In this article, you will discover answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive about Personal Tutors.

What is the role of a Personal Tutor?

As a student at Greene’s, you will have a great deal of contact with your Personal Tutor, meeting once per week in a one-to-one setting. Before and after your meetings, they will review your online report slips (reports provided after each tutorial detailing your progress in the topics covered within the tutorial and in independent study) to help with discussion about:

  • The planning, monitoring, and review of your studies;
  • The co-ordination of your university applications advice and guidance;
  • Helping you to develop independence, good study skills, and confidence.

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is a Personal Tutor different to a normal tutor?

Your subject tutors (i.e. normal tutors) will be specialised in your chosen field of study (e.g. Chemistry, Mathematics, Latin etc.) and will tutor you in your daily one-to-one subject tutorials.

Your Personal Tutor will specialise in guidance and advice, acting as a mentor outside of your tutorials, meeting with you once per week. They will have a subject speciality (i.e. at the very least a degree in their subject of study), and many are subject tutors in addition to their role as Personal Tutor, however, their priority is to guide your general studies towards your overall academic goals.

Lucia, Greene’s Alumna.

I would like to thank my tutors and in particular my Personal Tutor from Greene’s, who motivated, inspired, and kept me on track – even when I suddenly decided to apply to university with a UCAS deadline of just one week! Read Lucia’s full story here.

Who will be my Personal Tutor?

During the interview and induction process, the Director of Studies will help to tailor your academic programme (A levels, GCSEs, University Preparation courses etc.) to help you to achieve your academic goals. During this time, they will also seek to understand and choose the correct Personal Tutor to best help with your studies.

Q. Why is it important for students to have one-to-one mentorship sessions alongside their core studies?


A. Since our tutorial method at Greene’s requires small classes and rather intense individual preparation, it is beneficial for students to have a regular time to connect with a staff member and feel further connected to the school as a whole. As the tutorial method is often quite different to the educational systems that students have experienced prior to coming to Greene’s, it is also useful to have someone who can help them stay on track with their individual preparation while they are adjusting to the new school environment. – Katie Small, Greene’s Personal Tutor.

What makes a good Personal Tutor?

Personal Tutors at Greene’s are outstanding academics in their own right. Their academic background from high-ranking universities, with additional Greene’s training, will enable them to help direct your studies.

It is essential that our Personal Tutors know how to listen, analyse, and discuss sensitive issues. Trust is at the core of the relationship. Our students need to be able to discuss topics within and outside of their studies in a safe and confidential space. This is why, at Greene’s, our Personal Tutors undergo a rigorous recruitment and selection process, overseen by the Director of Studies. Frequent monitoring ensures the continuation of quality in our academic support.

It’s essential that the academic relationship that develops between Personal Tutor and student is one that enables the student to fulfil their academic goals and potential. However, many of our students also find their confidence and independence improving under the direction, and with their advice and mentorship. Contact us to learn more about Personal Tutoring.

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