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Transferring a child to another school in the U.K. is a significant decision and should be carefully considered. Here are five potential reasons why parents might choose to transfer their child to another school:

1. Change in family circumstances

Sometimes, changes in family circumstances such as relocation to a different area or changes in parents’ work schedules might necessitate transferring the child to a new school that is more convenient or better suited to the new circumstances. Greene’s flexible academic programmes allows many of our students to study in Oxford, U.K., Lisbon and Estoril, Portugal, or straight from their homes.

2. Better academic opportunities

If the current school is unable to meet the academic needs or provide appropriate challenges for the child, parents might consider transferring them to a school with a stronger academic reputation or more advanced programs.

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3. Concerns about safety or bullying

If the child is experiencing issues with safety or bullying at their current school, transferring them to another school with a safer environment can be a priority for parents to ensure their child’s well-being and emotional health. At Greene’s, we have a zero tolerance policy towards discriminatory behaviour. Many of our students remark that our learning environment fosters community and helps them to study in a more focused setting.

4. Cultural considerations

For families with specific cultural or religious preferences, transferring a child to a school that aligns more closely with their beliefs, values, or cultural background can be a reason for changing schools. Learn more about Greene’s history here.

5. Special educational needs (SEN) support

If the child has special educational needs that are not adequately addressed at their current school, parents might opt to transfer them to a school with better resources, facilities, and support services tailored to their needs. Greene’s dedicated SEN Co-ordinator works with our SEN students to help them in all aspects of life within and outside of the college.

It’s important for parents to thoroughly research and assess good reasons to transfer child to another school uk. Communicate with your child about the decision to ensure a smooth transition and the best possible educational experience. Additionally, consulting with educational professionals and seeking advice from relevant authorities can provide valuable insights and support during the decision-making process. Get in touch with Greene’s today.

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Greene’s College Oxford is an independent sixth form college with campuses located in the heart of Oxford, U.K. and in Lisbon & Estoril, Portugal. Our educational philosophy is based on one simple assumption: if students’ education is tailored to suit their unique qualities and needs, they are more likely to be successful. Study at Greene’s College Oxford blends small group or individual tutorials, dynamic feedback on learning, and one-to-one weekly Personal Tutoring sessions to ensure all students have personalised guidance.


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