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1. Is it worth going private for sixth form?

Opting for private sixth form ensures smaller class sizes, personalised attention, and advanced resources. The emphasis on individualised learning promotes academic excellence, cultivates critical thinking, and provides a supportive environment. Access to specialised programs and extracurricular activities enhances overall development, preparing students for higher education and future career success. At Greene’s, many of our students compliment our unique tutorial method, with 85% satisfied with the quality of tuition in 2022-23. Small class sizes (1-3 students per subject-expert tutor) compliment our Socratic and discursive method of learning.

2. What age is best for private school?

The optimal age for private school enrolment can vary based on personal preferences and educational goals. Many private schools accept students at various grade levels, including preschool (prep), primary, secondary, and sixth form. Parents often consider private schools for their children at the beginning of the academic phases, although it is possible to transfer mid-year. At Greene’s, our non-selective policy enables students to join from ages 16+ at any point in the academic year. However, in general, it’s crucial to assess individual needs, school offerings, and admission processes when determining the most suitable entry point.

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3. Are children in private schools happier?

Happiness in private schools varies among individuals and their circumstances. Factors like smaller class sizes, personalised attention, and resources may contribute to satisfaction. However, happiness depends on the child’s personality, school environment, and personal experiences. One factor to consider is also the boarding experience, which is a key part of many private schools’ student’s experiences, with positive and negative experiences aplenty. Both private and public schools can offer fulfilling experiences, and individual preferences play a significant role.

4. How much are private college fees UK?

Private college fees in the U.K. vary widely, ranging from around £10,000 to £70,000 or more per academic year. Fees are typically paid on a termly basis e.g. at Greene’s you would pay £7,900 per term (for a three A level subject programme totalling £22,900 per academic year + £800 registration fee). Costs depend on factors like the institution, program of study, and facilities offered. Additionally, accommodation, meals, and other expenses may contribute to the overall cost of attending a private college. At Greene’s, our fees start at £22,900 for a bespoke three A level subject programme or £9,950 for a single A level subject programme. Learn more about our fees here.

5. Should I send my child to private school UK?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer here. In order to accurately answer this question, you must first assess your child’s educational needs, personal values, and financial consideration. Consider the school or college’s reputation, facilities, class sizes, and extracurricular offerings. Evaluate what aligns best with your child’s learning style and your family’s priorities. At Greene’s, our admissions process seeks to uncover how your child would study best at Greene’s to fulfil their academic potential. Get in touch with Charlie, our Registrar today.

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Greene’s College Oxford is an independent sixth form college with campuses located in the heart of Oxford, U.K. and in Lisbon & Estoril, Portugal. Our educational philosophy is based on one simple assumption: if students’ education is tailored to suit their unique qualities and needs, they are more likely to be successful. Study at Greene’s College Oxford blends small group or individual tutorials, dynamic feedback on learning, and one-to-one weekly Personal Tutoring sessions to ensure all students have personalised guidance.


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