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Resitting A-level exams is quite common among students aiming to achieve their desired high grades for entrance into prestigious universities or to secure their dream jobs. The idea of facing the test once more might seem overwhelming, but don’t worry! In this discussion, we’ll address the five most commonly asked questions about retaking A-levels.

1. Is it possible to resit A levels in November?

If you took your A levels this summer, you cannot retake the examinations in November, A level resits are only available in the following summer. Take advantage of the extended timeframe to enhance your understanding and boost your confidence. A strategic approach for achieving your best outcomes is more likely to yield better results than a rushed retake. Did you know that 92% of A level retakes improve by at least two grades at Greene’s?

Grant Connor, Greene's Academic Director

Each student’s journey through education is unique and I believe that our role as educators is not to force this journey to follow the shape of predetermined paths, but rather to listen and respond to the voice of the student as they chart their own course.

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2. Is it common to resit A-Levels?

Absolutely, it’s quite common and commendable to resit A-levels. Many students find that a second attempt opens doors to improved grades, leading to exciting opportunities in universities and careers. Embrace the chance to shine brighter and achieve your goals!

3. Do top universities accept resits?

Virtually all universities, including the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, acknowledge exam retakes. However, they’ll be conscious of the improved grade through retakes, which might slightly influence your offer prospects. The University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge will accept A Level retakes, however, the individual college you apply to may have its own admissions criteria. For example, some colleges may be more lenient towards retakes while others may be more strict.

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4. Can you just resit one A level?

You might be off from your university entry requirements by a single grade. Whether this is the case or not, you can choose to retake a single A level course (rather than all three). The benefits of this is that you can focus on improving your performance in that specific subject while keeping your other grades intact. Remember, however: universities will only consider the most up-to-date grades for each subject (i.e. the resits, and only the original grades if you did not resit particular subjects). You cannot mix and match the best grades from the two sittings.

92% of all A level retakes at Greene’s improve by at least 2 grades.

5. Can I retake my A levels at Greene’s?

Yes, you can. At Greene’s, your A level retake programme is designed to fit your specific needs. Our tutors can help consolidate your knowledge to prepare you for your examinations. Click here to learn more about our tutors.

Retaking an A level requires deep thought, planning, and courage and you may well find yourself with further questions. We hope that our answers to the top 5 most commonly asked questions about A level retakes has assisted with your decision. Contact Greene’s to learn more about A level retakes and how we can help you to achieve your education goals.

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