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A Levels

With British roots, A levels are internationally-recognised qualifications. Universities across the world accept three A levels at grades A*- C as meeting the admissions criteria across a wide range of courses. A levels allow the student to focus on three subjects of their choosing, according to their strengths, interests and long-term goals.

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A levels are taught one-to-one or in small groups of shared tuition, which can be taken either face-to-face or online. Each student is allocated a Personal Tutor who will meet with them weekly and act as their academic mentor throughout their programme.

Various CIE A levels are available at Greene’s and students can choose any three.

Cambridge International A level subjects

MathematicsPsychologyEnglish Literature
Further MathematicsHistoryFrench
PhysicsBusiness Studies*Portuguese
BiologyGlobal Perspectives
Computer Science*Law
Media Studies*

*A level examinations fees for these additional subjects and examination boards are generally higher. For several of these additional subjects, availability is dependent on suitable facilities and tutor arrangements being possible. Fee supplements will be due for subjects that require coursework and materials & equipment.

Greene’s can also accept students for A level subjects that are not available through CIE but are available through other A level examination boards such as AQA, Edexcel or OCR.

Please note that examination fees are separate as they vary depending on the subject, examination board rates and special access arrangements.

Please see our fees page for more information.

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Fill in this short questionnaire to apply for your personalised A levels. Our staff will be in contact shortly to discuss your study arrangements in more detail with you.

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Retaking A levels

If you are wondering where to retake your A levels – look no further. At Greene’s, your retake course is designed to fit your specific needs and tuition is always individual or in groups of two or three depending on the circumstances of your retake programme and your academic objectives.

Why Retake A levels?
A level Examination situation

Re-applying to university

Whilst retaking your A levels we will actively guide you through re-submitting your university application. It may not always be appropriate to apply to the same universities and courses, and elements of your application will almost certainly need to be rewritten.

When re-applying to university, you will need to have a new approach to completing your application.

Re-applying to University
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