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How does an EPQ work?


The EPQ an independent research project, allowing students to dive deep into a subject they are passionate about. This could be a topic related to their A levels or otherwise.


Students can choose to produce a written report, create a production (e.g. a piece of art or a performance), or develop an artefact, accompanied by a shorter report.


The EPQ is graded A* to E, similar to A-levels with an EPQ worth a little more than half an A level.


A* = 28 UCAS Points

A = 24 UCAS Points

B = 20 UCAS Points

C = 16 UCAS Points

D = 12 UCAS Points

E = 8 UCAS Points


The EPQ typically takes 3-6 months to complete and involves around 180 hours of independent work supported by tuition on relevant project skills and supervisions with a subject specialist tutor.

Examination Boards

Offered by AQA (EPQ), Edexcel (L3 Project Qualification), Pearson International (L3 Project Qualification) and CAIE (IPQ – international project qualification).  All are available through Greene’s and we guide students towards the right qualification for them.

Which universities accept the EPQ?

The EPQ is accepted by many universities, including some in the Russell Group: the universities of Bath; Bristol; Leeds; Leicester; Sheffield and Southampton. Universities may choose to decrease the required entry grades if you are doing an EPQ e.g. instead of asking for grades ABB, they may instead ask for grades BBB and an A in your EPQ.

The EPQ is not, however, accepted in terms of points by the G5 universities, and neither by certain disciplines including Medicine and Dentistry. However, the EPQ still retains value helping to flesh out your personal statement, allowing you to stand out from the sea of “good” grades, and also developing your reading & research skills – key tools in your undergraduate studies.

Why complete an EPQ?

1. Stand out in university admissions

2. Gain A Grade Boost

3. Develop Essential Skills

4. Prepare for Higher Education

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looking for somewhere to submit your epq for marking?


EPQs are only available for ‘internal’ candidates, that is, enrolled candidates at a given examination centre – but worry not if you consider yourself an ‘external’ candidate! You can still complete your EPQ at Greene’s.

Examination centres must be able to testify to the authenticity of the work and integrity of the production log. Therefore, in order for Greene’s to be able to enter a candidate for an EPQ, you must go through a verification process so that we can satisfy ourselves that your work is genuine and fairly represents your EPQ journey. Assessors will aim to authenticate your work (but not improve it) over five one-hour tutorials. If verified, the assessor will submit their mark to Greene’s for consideration and standardisation.

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