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Becoming a pharmacist is a journey that requires dedication, intellect, and a passion for helping others.

It’s a career path that demands a strong foundation in science and a commitment to lifelong learning. For those embarking on this journey, one of the initial steps is understanding the academic requirements, particularly the A levels necessary to pursue a degree in pharmacy.

As a general rule you will need three A-levels or equivalent in chemistry and a second science or maths, typically grades required range from AAB to BBB.

Entry Requirements for Pharmacy

The NHS states what qualifications you may need to enter in the field of pharmacy. For full details you can see the NHS website here.

For university entry, they state you will generally need:

  • Three A-levels or equivalent in chemistry and a second science or maths, typically offers range from AAB to BBB.
  • Pharmacy degrees with a foundation year may have lower grade requirements.
  • GCSEs are considered alongside A-levels, with most schools of pharmacy expecting a minimum of five GCSEs including maths, English language and one science.
  • Some universities accept vocational qualifications such as BTEC Level 3, National Extended Diploma in Applied Sciences or the Access to HE Diploma.

There are also certain skills you need to have cultivated such as:

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Be able to work as part of a team with other professionals.
  • Attention to detail.

Where to Study

Not all universities offer pharmacy, making it a competitive degree to enter. For a complete list of university courses leading to a range of clinical careers, you can review this list on the NHS website.

What are the entry requirements?

It is also worth checking the entry requirements of the university courses that you are interested in. This can help guide your decision on what A levels you may want to take.

University College London Entry Requirements for Pharmacy

University College London offers the Pharmacy MPharm, a programme that integrates pharmaceutical science into practice of clinical pharmacy.

  • AAB grade Requirements
  • They require A level Chemistry and one of the following: A level Biology, A level Mathematics, or A level Physics
  • GCSE English Language and GCSE Mathematics

University of Manchester Pharmacy entry requirements

The University of Manchester offers the Pharmacy  MPharm that integrates science and practice.

  • AAB grade requirements
  • They require A level Chemistry and either A level Mathematics, A level Biology and one further rigorous academic subject.

Which A levels should you take?

Based on the NHS advice and sample entry requirements from two universities, it is then advisable that you must take A level Chemistry. For your further two subjects, deciding between A level Biology, Physics, and Mathematics is suggested.

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