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Does retaking a levels look bad?

Let’s say you wake up the morning of A level results day, and your results are not as you anticipated. Do not fret! Many students re-take their A levels every year.

The idea of retaking A Levels might initially seem daunting or negative, but in reality, it can be a strategic and beneficial decision for many students. Retaking A Levels demonstrates determination and commitment, providing a valuable opportunity to improve academic performance, deepen subject understanding, and enhance university and career prospects. Here, we delve into why retaking A Levels is not only acceptable but can be a smart move for many students.

Determination and Commitment

Students who choose to retake their A Level examinations exhibit significant determination and commitment to their academic goals. Rather than accepting less-than-desired results, these students take proactive steps to achieve better outcomes. This attitude of perseverance is highly regarded by universities and employers alike. It shows a willingness to overcome challenges and a dedication to continuous improvement, qualities that are crucial for success in higher education and professional environments.

Improved Academic Performance

Retaking A Levels provides students with the chance to revisit their subject material, solidify their understanding, and ultimately achieve higher grades. Institutions like Greene’s offer tailored retake programs designed to meet individual academic needs, ensuring that students receive the support necessary to excel. Greene’s reports that over 92% of their A Level retake students improve their grades by two or more levels. This significant improvement can open doors to better university placements and more competitive courses.

do universities care if you retake a levels?

Universities generally view A Level retakes favourably, recognising the effort and determination required to improve one’s grades. Admissions teams appreciate the maturity and resilience shown by students who are willing to take additional steps to meet entry requirements. Higher grades achieved through retakes can make a student more competitive in the application process, potentially leading to offers from more prestigious institutions.

Moreover, many careers have specific entry requirements that include minimum A Level grades. By retaking exams and achieving higher marks, students can meet these prerequisites, enhancing their career opportunities. Improved grades also demonstrate a student’s ability to overcome academic challenges, an attribute valued by employers across various industries.

what do oxford and cambridge think about a level retakes?

The answer is yes, to some extent. Both the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge accept A Level retakes; however, the admissions criteria can vary by college. Some colleges may be more lenient towards retakes, while others may be more strict.

In general, colleges will consider retakes if a student has demonstrated a commitment to achieving the best possible results. If a student has retaken their A Level exams and shows significant improvement, a college is more likely to view their application favourably.

You can read more about what the University of Oxford says about retakes here.

personal goals

Retaking A Levels is not just about improving grades; it’s also an opportunity for personal growth. The process involves setting new goals, developing effective study habits, and building resilience. Achieving better results can boost a student’s confidence, provide a sense of accomplishment, and validate their academic abilities. The journey of retaking exams fosters discipline and perseverance, contributing to a student’s overall personal development.

how greene’s can help

Greene’s students have gone on to attend prestigious universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, University College London (UCL), King’s College London (KCL), Edinburgh, Warwick, Glasgow, Sheffield, Southampton, Cardiff, Birmingham, St. Andrews, and many more. In 2022/23, Greene’s students received offers from 22 of the 24 Russell Group universities and 4 of the 5 G5 universities. This trend only continues into the 2023/24 academic year.


how greene’s can help

Greene’s offer flexible A-Level retake options, including online and face-to-face instruction, allowing students to study at their own pace and according to their individual needs. Personalised guidance is available throughout the retake journey, including support with university applications and crafting compelling personal statements. This tailored approach ensures that students are well-prepared and confident as they work towards their improved grades.

so, does it look bad to retake a levels?

Retaking A Levels should not be viewed negatively. Instead, it is a testament to a student’s dedication to their education and future. It provides a second chance to achieve desired academic outcomes, opens doors to better university placements and career opportunities, and fosters personal growth. Embracing the challenge of retaking exams can transform initial setbacks into a path of academic and professional success, proving that sometimes, taking a step back can be the best way to move forward.

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