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what a levels do universities require to study architecture?

Deciding which A levels to take in order to apply for architecture at university can be difficult. After all, architecture requires skills that can be developed across STEM subjects and the arts and humanities.

These include creativity and drawing skills, communication, problem solving, and maths skills. Moreover, studying architecture often includes theory based and history subjects, making essay writing, planning, and written communication equally important.

Architecture is a challenging degree. Additionally, not all universities offer architecture at the undergraduate level making it very competitive. What A levels you pick is therefore crucial to making yourself a strong applicant.

Below are some examples of university requirements for architecture.

a levels for engineering


university of cambridge architecture entry requirements

  • The department does not have any required subjects, but certain colleges do. It is important to check the college pages to see what they are.
  • Generally, these colleges ask for A level Mathematics, A level Physics, or both.
  • They strongly recommend students take A level Mathematics, A level Physics and A level Design.
  • A*A*A are the expected grades.
a levels for dentistry

University college london architecture entry requirements

  • University College London does not require any specific subjects.
  • At least two A levels should be taken from UCL’s ‘preferred subject list.’
  • The preferred list includes a range of subjects including, A level Physics, A level Mathematics, and A level Geography. 
  • AAB are the expected grades.

Manchester School of architecture

  • The department states that there are no specific subjects required but a mix of mathematics, sciences, and the humanities is preferred.
  • Art or Fine Art A levels are ‘particularly welcomed’ but they do not accept three arts based subjects.
  • AAA are the required grades.

What a levels do you need for architecture?

Based on the stated requirements from these prestigious universities, it appears there are no absolute or consistent requirements in A level subject. However, there is a preference for mathematics and science subjects and an openness to arts based subjects.

Therefore, it would be wise to take A level Mathematics and A level Physics to allow yourself the most options of where you can apply. For your third A level subject, you could consider taking A level Further Mathematics or opt for an arts based subject such as: A level Digital Media & Design, A level Fine Art, A level Photography and more.

It is best to consult with your A level institution as well as prospective universities you are interested in.

How greene’s college oxford can help

Architecture is a competitive degree subject and the skills that are required are cultivated through a variety of different A levels. The required grades and A levels can be challenging. Luckily, Greene’s College Oxford has a long proven history of helping students achieve their desired goals. Greene’s has a long history of academic excellence. Since 2020, 50% of all grades awarded to Greene’s students have been A* or A grades, therefore exceeding the national average.

How do we do this? We achieve this through our Tutorial Method of Learning, a style of teaching that provides bespoke one-on-one or small group teaching. This allows us to tailor our teaching to each students needs and interests, ensuring the success of our students.

We offer the essential A level subjects for architecture, from A level Mathematics and A level Physics to A level Design. Interested in joining us? Contact us today.

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