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Can you change sixth form mid year?

Embarking on your sixth form journey is a significant milestone in your academic career. It is a period filled with new challenges, opportunities, and university preparation.

But what happens when circumstances compel you to change your sixth form mid-year?

Whether it’s due to academic, personal, or logistical reasons, transitioning during the academic year can seem daunting. Do not worry, in this blog post we’ll discuss what you need to know about changing  sixth form mid-year. 

why do you want to change sixth form?

Firstly, it is important to understand your intentions behind transferring sixth form college and discuss the reasons behind your decision.

Whether you’re facing academic challenges, seeking a different environment, or pursuing new interests, it is best to speak to your counsellors and teachers to ensure a smooth transition into your new institution.

how do you move sixth form mid year?

After settling on your reasons for transfer, research your options thoroughly. Explore alternative sixth form institutions that align with your academic and personal goals. Consider factors such as curriculum offerings, extracurricular activities, and support services available. Visiting prospective schools and talking to current students can provide valuable insights into the culture and atmosphere of each institution.

It is also essential to check the transfer policies at each institution you are interested. Some institutions will allow mid-year transfers while others will expect new students to begin in the autumn term

what schools allow you to transfer sixth form mid year?

Ultimately, changing sixth form is a possibility and could be an option beneficial to you. However, as stated, the feasibility of a mid-year change does largely depend on the institution you are considering.

At Greene’s College Oxford, we enrol students at any point in the academic year- even mid-term! We advise students to join in either the Autumn term (Michaelmas) or in the Spring term (Trinity) to allow for time to take examinations in the following season.

Supplementary tuition at greene’s

At Greene’s we also offer supplementary tuition whenever you need it throughout the year. Flexibility is the key to how we help: tutorials are arranged around your schedule, with tutors who understand academic success and how to impart the best strategy to support your aims.

As a supplementary student at Greene’s you have online access to Greene’s Online allowing you to see the status and progress of your studies anywhere and at anytime.

flexible a level learning

At Greene’s, we allow for a completely personal and flexible course to concentrate on your particular requirements; online and face-to-face. Interested? Reach out to us today.

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