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Why retake a levels?

Retaking A levels provides a chance for you to revisit and solidify your understanding of the subject matter. It allows you to build a stronger foundation and improve your performance, which can open doors to better university placements and career prospects. Read more about the ins and outs of retaking A levels here in our complete guide.

Where can i retake?

You can retake your A levels at any sixth form college or school, whether it be your old school or a different one in your area, or perhaps online. It’s important to consider your educational needs and desires before committing to a retake. If you decide to go back to school to retake, you will obviously be subject to the usual restrictions of timetable.

The Greene’s Solution

At Greene’s, we customise your A level retake program to align with your academic objectives. Instruction is delivered through either one-on-one or small-group sessions, depending on your specific A level retake program and educational goals.

Our tutors exude passion for their academic specialties. Recognising the significance of simplifying complex concepts, they encourage you to explore your curiosity within your chosen A level retake programme. This approach empowers you to shape your learning journey and prepare effectively for your A level retake examinations.

Throughout your A level retake journey, your Personal Tutor provides comprehensive guidance for resubmitting university applications. They meticulously assist you in selecting suitable courses and universities while aiding you in crafting a compelling application to secure your desired placement.

At Greene’s, we turn those sour results into lemonade. Apply here or contact us.

study with us- from anywhere in the world

At Greene’s, you can study either online or face-to-face, and at your own pace, giving you the flexibility you need. We also have a campus in Estoril (Portugal) where you are welcome to study some or all of your A level retake.

Do universities accept a level retakes?

Based on our extensive five-decade tenure of offering full-time tuition to numerous A level retake students, it’s generally observed that university admissions teams view A level retakes favourably. Candidates who demonstrate improved results are perceived as motivated, committed, and prepared to embark on their academic journey.

At Greene’s, as an A level retake student, our Director of Studies will provide personalised guidance and support throughout the UCAS application process. They will offer valuable insights into university options, degree programmes, relevant work experiences, and crafting a compelling Personal Statement tailored to your educational aspirations. Reach out to a member of our team by clicking here to begin optimising your application journey.

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