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What a levels do you need to be a lawyer?

So you have decided that you are interested in studying law at university level and would like to pursue this as a career. But what are the first steps to being able to achieve this?

Selecting the appropriate A level subjects is a critical decision for students aspiring to pursue a career in law. These choices not only shape your academic journey but also lay the groundwork for your future success in the legal profession. Before beginning sixth form, it is important to consider which subjects may help you cultivate the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in your university studies.

While there is no specific set of A level subjects mandated for admission to law school, certain subjects may help prepare you for the demands of legal studies. Let’s explore key subjects that can set you on the right path to success.

Which a levels do universities require to study law?

The first thing to do is to check the LLB Law or BA Law entry requirements pages on the websites of the universities you are interested in. Seeing what they expect of prospective applicants will provide a guide on what these institutions value in their applicants.

For example, the University of Oxford does not recommend any certain subjects at A level but mentions that a foreign language may be required if students are interested in their ‘Law Studies in Europe’ course. Additionally, University College London does not have any specific subject requirements but does list their ‘preferred’ A level subjects. 

It is worth taking the time to research the universities you are interested in and checking whether they have specific requirements. Now let us delve into commonly studied A levels for Law entry.


Studying history can enhance your understanding of the socio-political context in which laws are created and evolve.

It can help cultivate skills in critical thinking, analysis, and can help you develop skills in articulating your theses, making it a great A level to study law.

English literature

Understanding of the English language and literature is crucial for a career in law in the United Kingdom.

A good grasp of language, comprehension, and the ability to articulate arguments effectively are essential skills for lawyers.


Philosophy offers a unique and enriching pathway for students interested in law. By honing critical thinking skills, exploring ethical complexities, and deepening understanding of legal theory, Philosophy not only prepared students for academic challenges of law school but also cultivates the depth and ethical awareness necessary for success in legal practice.


While this may not seem like an obvious choice, mathematics can develop your analytical and problem solving abilities.

These skills are beneficial when dealing with legal issues involving complex data or statistical evidence, making it an ideal A level to study law.

Politics and government

Politics provides insights into the working of political ideologies, legal systems, communities, and governments.

Understanding the principles of governance and the interplay between law and politics is crucial.

Foreign language

Proficiency in a foreign language demonstrates strong communication abilities. In the legal field, effective communication is essential for interacting with clients, colleagues, and judges.

Proficiency in another language also provides access to a wealth of legal resources that can enrich your research.

Moreover, many universities offer Law courses that cover the legal systems of other countries. For example, the University of Edinburgh offers LLB Law and French, which requires a French and English Literature A level.

Studying law at university

Ultimately, there are no strict subject requirements to study law at university. The most important thing is to take subjects that will prepare your critical thinking, analytical, writing, and oral communication skills. In this sense, it is important take subjects that you thrive at and enjoy.

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