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What a levels do you need for engineering at university?

It is important you pick the appropriate A levels to maximise your chances of entry into engineering.

Luckily, we researched what top universities desire in their prospective candidates.

In this article, we discuss the best A levels to take in order to study engineering at university.

First steps to applying

The best first step is to check the degree requirements of the universities you are interested in.

For example, most universities have comprehensive subject pages on their websites where they state the required A level subjects.

They also state the other factors they look for in candidates. Below are what some universities stipulate their entry requirements are.

engineering a level

university of oxford engineering Entry requirements

architecture at a level

university of cambridge engineering entry requirements

Which a levels should you take to study engineering?

According to the top universities, A level Physics and A level Mathematics is an essential requirement. Therefore, you should elect to take these subjects.

For your third A level subject, A level Further Mathematics is often recommended. However, according to the University of Cambridge statistics some students (around 62%) took A level Chemistry. 

It is often best to contact your prospective university for advice and seek support from your A level college.

engineering preparation at greene’s college oxford

At Greene’s College Oxford, we offer all the essential A level subjects you need to excel in your applications to engineering.

From A level Physics to A level Mathematics, we provide the necessary support through your studies. We also have subjects such as A level Digital Media & Design and A level Computer Science, which may compliment your studies well.

At Greene’s we offer one-to-one and small group tutoring to help students reach the grades they desire. Every student receives individual attention, and with that we are able to offer a bespoke tuition catered to the needs and interests of each of our students. Interested in applying to engineering at university? Greene’s can help you get there.

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