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A level results day is a crucial moment in every student’s academic journey. It’s a day filled with anticipation, nerves, and excitement as you wait to discover the outcome of your hard work. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the rollercoaster of emotions, provide tips on how to make the most of the day, and offer insights into what to do next, regardless of the outcomes.

Prepare Mentally

Emotions run high on A level results day, and that’s perfectly normal. It’s essential to mentally prepare yourself for all possible outcomes. Whether you’re confident about your results or feeling a bit apprehensive, remember that your worth is not solely defined by a set of grades. Reflect on the effort you put in, the knowledge you gained, and the personal growth you experienced throughout your A level journey.

Embrace your emotions

First and foremost, it’s essential to acknowledge and embrace your emotions on A level results day and before. As the day approaches, a whirlwind of emotions envelops you – anticipation, excitement, and a touch of nervousness. Many often like to open their results in a space where they can reflect and assess without any prying eyes.

Whether you achieve the grades you were hoping for or not, it’s completely natural to experience a mix of feelings. Celebrate your successes, and if your results are not as you expected, remember that your grades do not define you, you are more than a grade on a piece of paper. However, remember that retaking A levels is a viable option to improve your grades and achieve your academic goals.

Assess your options

Once you have your results in hand, it’s time to evaluate your options. Assess whether your grades meet the requirements for your desired university or career path. If your results align with your goals, congratulations! You’re well on your way. If not, don’t panic. There are various alternative routes and options available to you, from re-evaluating your course choices to considering gap years or vocational programs.

Retaking A levels provides a chance for you to revisit and solidify your understanding of the subject matter. It allows you to build a stronger foundation and improve your performance, which can open doors to better university placements and career prospects. Read more about the ins and outs of retaking A levels here in our complete guide.

Seek Guidance

If your results were not what you expected or if you are unsure about your next steps, seek guidance from teachers, academic advisors, or career counsellors. These professionals have the expertise to provide valuable insights and help you explore your options. Whether it is advice on retaking exams, applying for clearing, or considering different pathways, their guidance can set you on the right track.

Explore Clearing

Clearing is a process in the U.K. where students who have not secured a place in a university can search for and apply to courses with available vacancies. It usually takes place after A level results are released. To use clearing, students need to log in to the UCAS Track system, where they can find a “Clearing” option if they are eligible. Research available courses, contact universities directly to discuss options, and once a verbal offer is received, add the course choice on UCAS Track. Once confirmed by the university, the student’s place is secured. Clearing offers a second chance to find suitable higher education options.

Consider an A level retake

If the choice to retake A levels aligns with your goals, delve into the available retake options. Retaking A levels embodies a commitment to continuous improvement and growth. Approach your studies with a growth mindset, viewing challenges as opportunities to learn and evolve. Utilize feedback from practice exams and coursework to refine your understanding of the subjects. Remember that the journey of retaking A levels is a testament to your resilience and determination. It’s about turning sour results into lemonade!

Sour results? Let’s make lemonade

Discover A level retakes

Take a Gap Year

A gap year is a planned break typically taken by students after completing secondary school. It involves taking time off from formal education to explore personal interests, travel, work, volunteer, or gain practical experiences. To use a gap year effectively, students should first identify their goals and interests, plan activities that align with those goals, research programs, internships, or travel opportunities, secure necessary funding, and maintain a productive balance between relaxation and self-improvement. A well-structured gap year can provide valuable skills, self-discovery, and a refreshed perspective before resuming formal education or entering the workforce. Learn more about gap year opportunities at Greene’s here.

Reflect & Prepare for the Journey Ahead

A level results day is not the end; it is a new beginning. Regardless of the outcomes, take time to reflect on your journey and set new goals. If your results were outstanding, consider how you can continue excelling in your chosen field. If your results were not as expected, view this as a chance to learn from the experience and set fresh objectives.

Remember that life is full of twists and turns, and A level results day is just one of many milestones you will encounter. Embrace the journey ahead with an open heart and a positive attitude. Every experience, whether positive or challenging, contributes to your personal and academic growth. Keep your dreams alive, stay focused on your goals, and remain adaptable as you navigate the path ahead.


A level results day is a pivotal moment, and if your results are not what you expected, it is not the end of the road. By embracing your emotions, assessing your options, setting clear goals, developing a study plan, seeking guidance, practicing diligently, and maintaining a positive mindset, you can make the most of your retake journey.

Remember, A level retakes are not a sign of failure; it is a testament to your commitment to self-improvement and academic success. With the right approach and determination, you can turn your retake opportunity into a stepping stone toward a brighter future. So, on this A level results day, keep the option of retaking A levels in mind, and let it be the catalyst for your academic resurgence.

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