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Unlock a world of possibilities by redoing your A-levels — an investment that holds the key to a brighter future, broadening university choices, elevating career aspirations, and igniting personal fulfilment.

What is an A level retake and why would someone consider it?

An A level retake involves redoing one or more A level examinations. People may consider retaking A-levels to improve their grades, increase chances of university admission, fulfil specific subject requirements, or pursue a different career path. Retaking examinations allows individuals to enhance their overall scores, meet university entry requirements, change subject choices, or unlock new career opportunities. It provides a chance to achieve better results and open doors to desired educational and professional pathways. If you would like to discuss your options, contact our team here, who will be happy to assist you.

Retake your A levels at Greene’s: Make lemonade

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An investment for the future:

1. Redoing A levels can expand your university options

A level retakes can increase your chances of gaining admission to a wider range of universities. At Greene’s College Oxford, 92% of all A level retakes improve by at least two grades – opening up a world of new opportunities for our students. By retaking exams, you have an opportunity to improve your grades, which can make you more competitive in the university application process. Higher grades can meet the specific entry requirements of universities that may have been out of reach initially. Additionally, retaking A levels demonstrates your commitment to academic improvement and perseverance, which can be viewed positively by admissions committees.

2. Retake A levels and Enhance your career aspirations

A level retakes can significantly enhance your career aspirations by improving your academic qualifications. Many professions and industries have specific entry requirements that include minimum A-level grades. By retaking exams and achieving higher grades, you can meet these prerequisites and increase your chances of pursuing your desired career path. Improved A level results demonstrate your dedication, determination, and ability to overcome challenges, which can be attractive to employers and higher education institutions. Retakes can also provide you with a deeper understanding of the subjects, bolster your knowledge base, and develop valuable skills that are relevant to your chosen career field.

3. A level retakes increase personal fulfilment

A level retakes can be a means of personal fulfillment as they offer an opportunity for self-improvement and growth. By retaking exams, you can set new goals and work towards achieving them. The process of studying, revising, and overcoming previous shortcomings can be personally rewarding. Retaking A levels allows you to challenge yourself academically, push your limits, and strive for better results. Achieving improved grades can boost your confidence, provide a sense of accomplishment, and validate your abilities. The experience of retaking exams can foster resilience, discipline, and perseverance, contributing to personal growth and a greater sense of fulfillment in your academic journey.

Pradnya, Greene's A level retake student, 2023

I would absolutely recommend Greene’s to anyone like me who felt quite shocked after receiving their A level results. Through their wide-ranging support system, from personal tutors to social events to subject tutors and workshops, Greene’s is full of wonderful people who work hard to build up your confidence and nurture your abilities to propel you into academic success.

Conclusion: Should I redo my A levels?

Redoing your A levels is a valuable investment in your future due to its multifaceted benefits. Firstly, it expands university options by improving grades, making you eligible for a wider range of institutions. Secondly, it enhances career aspirations as better grades meet specific entry requirements and signal commitment and perseverance to employers and higher education providers. Finally, retakes provide personal fulfilment through self-improvement, increased confidence, and a sense of achievement. Redoing A levels offers a holistic approach to investing in your future, opening doors to diverse educational opportunities, bolstering career prospects, and fostering personal growth and satisfaction.


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