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It is always a difficult question and one that Greene’s College Oxford’s Principal Mrs Carmen Dare regularly answers from students, parents and teachers concerned about A-level transfer during the academic year.

When students transfer to Greene’s for their sixth-form studies, they soon discover that an individualised, university-style education opens up a new path to academic success. Students begin to exude the confidence to explore, communicate, and take control of their own lives.

Lili, Greene's Transfer Student

I was really burnt out at my last school and utterly exhausted all the time, I couldn’t focus, I couldn’t remember anything. I didn’t even notice how bad I felt until I joined Greene’s – I have so much more energy, I can sleep, I can focus, I can remember facts, so it was really good for me – transferring to Greene’s.

Mrs Dare said: “At Greene’s College Oxford, our educational philosophy is based on one simple assumption: if students’ education is tailored to suit their unique qualities and needs, they are more likely to be successful.” Whether students want to transfer from AS levels to A-levels, between examination boards, or simply continue where they left off at their previous institution, we are experts in designing a programme that suits every A-level transfer student with minimum interruption to their ongoing studies, Greene’s provides a truly seamless transition.

This article was featured in the Oxford Times Education Directory 2023, click here to access the full edition.

Personalisation and flexibility of tuition are the hallmarks of an education at Greene’s. Because each academic programme of study at Greene’s is individual it is also flexible. Tutorials can be arranged at any time and, with students able to choose between face-to-face tuition at our premises in Oxford or online, anywhere. Our blend of small group or individual tutorials, supported with dynamic feedback on learning, along with our one-to-one weekly personal tutoring sessions, ensures that all students receive personalised guidance. With 91% of all A-level retakes improving by at least two grades, our students discover a new path to academic success thanks to our inspirational tutors, academic mentors, and bespoke online learning resource, Greene’s Online. Our tutorial method works. Since 2019, 70% of all Greene’s students were admitted to G5 and Russell Group universities.”

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