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Environmental sustainability is of significant importance to Greene’s College Oxford and its parent organisation, KSI Education. We see it as an integral part of our curriculum and the way Greene’s sixth form centres and KSI schools are run and operated. In particular, we put climate action, biodiversity restoration and nutrition from healthy food at the forefront of our policy on environmental sustainability. These three action points form the concept of the ‘Earth Centre’.

Through our investment in the Earth Centre concept, we are driving our sixth from centre and school operations towards carbon neutrality; investing in ecology zones to restore and enhance biodiversity on our school sites; and developing commercial scale market gardens to provide nutrient-dense healthy food for our pupils and the wider community. These activities are also aimed at cultivating a range of academic and vocational skills relevant to the environmental challenges we face, and the new career opportunities becoming available.

By integrating the concept of the Earth Centre across the curriculum and encouraging project work related to environmental sustainability, Greene’s and KSI are assisting all pupils to develop a deep understanding of the challenges, opportunities and solutions related to environmental sustainability. Not only do we aspire to equip tomorrow’s leaders with the tools and understanding needed to address the environmental challenges we face: we also believe that many of the careers and job opportunities of tomorrow will require the skills and knowledge provided by the Earth Centre concept at our sixth form centres and schools.

If you share our vision and have made a leading, positive impact in sustainability on your community, submit a three-minute video or essay for your chance to win a scholarship at Greene’s College Oxford. The scholarship covers 30% of the full cost of our tuition fees for up to two years and offers you the opportunity to study with world-class tutors passionate about developing the interrelationship between your education and our environment.

This scholarship has now ended.

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